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kamen My name is Kamen Trifonov.
I am an artist, working in the field of abstract art.

Abstract art for me is the most primary and basic way to express my thoughts, feelings, my inner universe, the links between subconscious and consciousness. I believe that all we are energy, endless cosmic energy that vibrates and transforms from one state to another. And I try to show the most fascinating scenes of this through the magic of painting.

My mission is to bring delight and beauty in the people’s everyday life, to provoke their senses, make smiles, to slow the pace and relax ...

I paint everyday, so you can enjoy fresh artwork at least once a week. I work with oil, acrylic and mixed media on handmade linen canvases with the highest quality, wood, aluminium and pvc panels, also on plexiglass.

I develop my technique for many years, after graduation Art at "National High School of Stage and Film Design" (1998) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

My atelier is located in the same city. I can’t wait to take a cup of coffee in the morning and to start painting there. My muse is always turned on and rarely lose inspiration. After all I work in a magic place - lands of the ancient Thracians, at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains, where Spartacus and Orpheus were born... Where inspiration is everywhere.

You can find all available artworks for sale on my shop at Saatchi Art

and on Artfinder

I don't upload new paintings here, since April 2017, so please visit Saatchi an Artfinder for recent artworks.

In 'ABOUT THE ART' section you can get information about the payment, packaging, delivery process and additional options for the collectors.

In 'ABOUT THE ARTIST' section you can read an artist statements, bio, articles and other materials, video and photos.

*** Every artwork on this site has “Certificate of Authenticity” issued and signed by me. More info in 'ABOUT THE ART' section.

*** 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. All buyers have the right to cancel their order any time before shipment, and are able to return art up to 7 days after the delivery date if unsatisfied with the work. More info in 'ABOUT THE ART' section.

I welcome everyone who have interest and want to see my artworks at the atelier. Open business hours - every day from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 h to 18:00 h, with prior appointment by telephone, e-mail or contact form.

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past event:
ART Chengdu 17 - 20 April 2014, International Art fair in China
The artist represented two oil paintings /"Mirror" and "Walk"/, at the International Art fair in Chengdu, China.
past event:
Exhibition "Contrasts" of artist Kamen Trifonov in Festa Pomorie Resort from 02.07 to 02.08.2013
Eleven paintings - oil, acrylic and mixed media chose Kamen Trifinov for his performance in the sea Festa Pomorie Resort ...
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